Christine Holmes, High Sheriff 2016-17

Christine Holmes, High Sheriff of Shropshire 2016-17It is an honour and a privilege to have been given the opportunity to serve as High Sheriff of Shropshire. I hope that I will be able to walk in the footsteps of my many illustrious predecessors.

I made my declaration at my installation ceremony held at Shrewsbury Crown Court on 4th April before The Hon Mr Justice Charles Haddon-Cave. I am being supported by my husband David, Under Sheriff Madeleine Butcher and Chaplain Rev Andrew Knight.

I intend to be an active High Sheriff of Shropshire. I have a number of duties to fulfil including a commitment to make a meaningful contribution to the county. I believe that we should be more openly proud of Shropshire. It is a beautiful county full of talented people doing wonderful things.

Christine Holmes, High Sheriff of Shropshire 2016-17I want to celebrate the many people of Shropshire who volunteer and give freely for good causes without seeking the limelight or praise. I have been continually impressed and inspired by the generosity of the Shropshire people I have met. I have regularly been heartened by witnessing gifts from those who are least able to give or are close to requiring support themselves.

I intend to provide active support to the Judiciary and am confident that my twenty plus years as a magistrate will allow me to make a useful and positive contribution. I also intend to support the police and other law enforcement agencies, the emergency services, local authorities, church and faith groups and the armed forces. I believe that this support is more important than ever at a time of financial stringency.

Christine Holmes, High Sheriff of Shropshire 2016-17The often unrecognised work of volunteers in Shropshire is important to me and I this is a theme of my year of office. I wish to help support and publicise the vital work that volunteers do to enhance our daily lives. I wish to support carers for the infirm, the elderly and disabled throughout the county, in particular those working without pay or for charities. There are so many ways in which people make a difference without asking for payment or reward. I want to recognise and thank these people.